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  • Piper  "I can’t say enough good things about Leigh and her puppy training techniques. We picked a very spirited puppy who needed quite a bit of guidance to get her on the right path. Leigh was with us from even before our first session providing email and phone guidance. She was wonderful with us and our puppy – patient, supportive, and firm when needed." —Maria P. and Piper, UWS
  • Roscoe  "Ruff Customers Dog Training is the best. I can’t say enough about them! My Rottie/Pittie mix, Roscoe and I first started working with Leigh when he was just 6 months. She is fabulous. Her approach to dog training is right on the money. Roscoe had some issues, but we we were able to work through them and we couldn’t be any happier" —Maria A. and Roscoe, The Bronx
  • Kyrie  "If your pet is giving you any trouble, Ruff Customers can help you! I had an 8 week old golden retriever who was adorable, but driving me crazy. She stayed up all night, barked through every meal and pee’d and pooped in our apartment! Leigh came to our apartment and worked with us and with Kyrie, and it was a tremendous help. Kyrie is now 18 months and she’s a great dog. I highly recommend Ruff Customers." —Teresa, Alec, & Evan S. and Kyrie, UES
  • Griffey  "Leigh successfully desensitized my young dog to things that made her fear/aggressive of other dogs and people. She’s taught me how to recognize my dog’s needs before a problem occurs in a positive way without using correcting collars and other punishing devices, and she is most generous with her time." —Jeryl W. and Griffey, UWS
  • Daisy  "These sessions were well worth it. Spent [hundreds] of dollars [at another training facility], and it did not work one bit. The best training class ever. Leigh was very helpful even when I was going to give up." —Maria F. and Daisy, Yonkers
  • Lilly  "Great Structure!! Fabulous class!! Wonderful Instructor!" —Melissa S. and Lilly, The Bronx
  • Cody  "Best trainer ever. She was very “intuned” with dogs. Already recommended her to other people." —Monique & Anthony P. and Cody, Yonkers
  • Rusty "Thank you, Leigh. Can you come home with us?" —Debbie C. and Rusty, Yonkers

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