AND… Leigh is now a CPDT-KSA
(Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge & Skills Assessed)

RUFF CUSTOMERS is New York City’s home for training tailored to your dog’s needs:
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Best friend & best behaved family member!

green paw bullet Training is fun and effective, using science-based training methods that work.

green paw bullet We teach your pooch better manners inside and outside your home.

green paw bullet Dogs exhibiting aggression, anxiety, and fear learn better ways to behave.

green paw bullet VETERINARIAN recommended by Dr. Daniel Grayson of THE HOME VET

green paw bullet Ruff Customers is fully insured for your peace of mind.

green paw bullet CALL US TODAY – 234-752-9783 for your dog training and behavior needs.

Why train with RUFF CUSTOMERS? Owner and lead trainer Leigh Sansone, has spent nearly a decade working with all kinds of dogs and people. She will help your canine companion become the best friend you’ve always wanted. Our training philosophy is based in the science of learning, and we
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use humane reinforcement methods at the core of every case we handle. Our goal is to create a mutually respectful relationship between you and your dog. However, positive does not mean permissive — we take your “ruff” customer and help to transform him into a loving, joyful household companion. At Ruff Customers, we believe in "Training, to keep your pup out of the doghouse!"©

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Ruff Customers offers a wide range of services and options, providing necessary flexibility for busy people. One of our most popular services is DAY TRAINING, where we train your dog while you’re away, and you are welcomed home with better behavior! Leigh is a nationally certified professional dog trainer,
Parvene Farhoody, me, & Bob Bailey!

Advanced trainer education (with P. Farhoody & Dr. B. Bailey)

and she maintains certification with continuing education. Therefore, she has learned from the brightest stars in the training world and knows the art AND the science of dog training.Click here to observe Leigh’s skills as she trains a chicken (from :14 to :24 seconds in the video) Utube You can learn more about LEIGH and view her resume

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At Ruff Customers, we don’t use fear or pain, we use our brains to train!

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