Click on the videos you’re interested in to watch training in action, teach your pet a new cue, or learn more about animal behavior.

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  • Leigh clicker trains “Touch” (hand targeting) with Leo the shy Poodle.
  • Leo is very sensitive to strangers looming over him. Using a hand target allows him the choice to come forward to touch the person instead of the person overwhelming Leo.

  • Teach your dog the foundations of “Leave It”
  • Penelope the Dalmation is learning to move away from items on the cue “leave it.”

  • VIDEO – Teach your dog the next steps of “Leave It”: leaving things that are on the floor – click the link for more information
  • See two other chickens Leigh trained, in 2014, run the obstacle course and perform different behavioral tasks.

K'hoosh n Mattie couch

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