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At Ruff Customers we help you and your furry friend communicate better with several training options. Click on each service to see details:

  •  Private Obedience Lessons
  •  Day Training
  •  Pre-Adoption Services
  •  POOCHIE PARTIES!**new service!**
  • PUPPY PACKAGE:($550 for 5 hour-long sessions): We come to your home and help you train your puppy (MUST begin sessions before puppy is 21 weeks old) with basic obedience, socialization, and tricks training, plus housetraining tips. We complete session recaps and include our Training Basics manual for you to keep, along with other personalized instructional handouts. No initial evaluation necessary. (Ask about basic obedience packages for dogs over 21 weeks)

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    beaglegradINITIAL BEHAVIOR CONSULTATION:($190 for 1.5 to 2 hour consult; $10 travel surcharge outside NYC). FIRST, you tell us about your dog using our behavioral history application (click to get started). We study the information then meet your dog to assess individual needs. An initial evaluation / consultation lasts one and a half to two hours. Afterward, our trainer will discuss the evaluation and how many training sessions she recommends.

    PRIVATE BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION SESSIONS: ($120/hour after initial consult, discounts for multi-session packages are available) Ruff Customers often works with dogs who aren’t well suited for the stress of being in a group of dogs or puppies. The FIRST step is an initial consultation. After that initial meeting, our trainer will begin private training sessions in your home tailored to you and your dog’s needs. We specialize in teaching dogs with aggression and fear issues using functional reinforcement techniques (define) such as Constructional Aggression Treatment (C.A.T.) and Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0 (B.A.T.) and desensitization and counter-conditioning (D/CC)(define). Discounts available for lesson packages.

    Let us ease your STRESS and FREE your time… We do the training work for you!Day training button

    PRIVATE OBEDIENCE LESSONS:  ($120/hour OR multi-session packages available): We teach puppy, adolescent, and adult dog basic obedience and tricks training. We offer discounts for multiple lesson packages. Our trainers come to you. One session hour starts at $120, with discounts for three (or more) lesson packages; you choose the number of lessons you want with guidance from our trainer. SIGN UP NOW


    Adopted: Leo!

    PRE-ADOPTION SERVICES: ($80 for a two hour consultation) Ruff Customers strongly supports the adoption of “slightly used” dogs and puppies from metro area shelters and rescue organizations. Therefore, we offer help in choosing your new best friend. For two hours, we will accompany you the shelter of your choice to help you make sure the pooch you’ve selected is a good fit for your family. To get started TODAY, fill out this New Client Questionnaire and send it to Ruff Customers via fax (855-652-0360 or via email to Leigh at Ruff Customers.

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    We do the work!

    We do the work!

    ($350 for 3 days per week (2-week minimum), multi-week discounts available) is perfectly suited for busy people who have difficult schedules or prefer to work with a more finished product. Our professional trainer will do it for you! With DAY TRAINING, we tailor a training or behavior modification strategy for your dog, do the work for you (while you’re at work or observing, your choice), then meet with you weekly to discuss your dog’s progress and show you how to maintain it. Passing the leash to a professional eliminates the difficulty of finding time to train your pup, and progress is faster when a professional is doing the work. We can teach in a few sessions what it takes months to learn in group class. All DAY TRAINING programs include unlimited email support and a follow-up visit within six months of beginning training. Training costs are $350 per week, which includes three (3) 45-minute training sessions with your dog each week, plus a 60-minute transfer session every other week with you. Our goals: 1) to relieve your frustration with your dog’s behavior, and, 2) to help you build a wonderful relationship. Your dog benefits by learning from a skilled, experienced dog trainer, and we reduce your frustration and stress! DAY TRAINING is well suited to teaching manners such as Polite Leash Walking, Proper Door Greetings, Stay, Leave It, Come When Called, and more.

    And of course, Ruff Customers is fully insured for your security. Email Ruff Customers, call us at (234) PLAY-RUFF for more information, or just SIGN UP NOW

    POOCHIE PARTIES : Throw your kids or your furry family member a party she or he will LOVE – invite Ruff Customers Trainer to help you throw a POOCHIE PARTY!! Don’t get a clown, hire at Certified Professional Dog Trainer! Learn a trick, perfect a needed skill (like coming when called),or just get together for some doggy fun with RUFF CUSTOMERS today! GET MORE INFO

    Ruff Customers periodically offers SPECIALTY WORKSHOPS ($200) for small groups or parties, such as:

    • ROCKET RECALL , a seminar-type short duration class which focuses solely on teaching and improving your dog’s ability to return to you when called, on or off leash.  GET MORE INFOIMG_0622
    • SOLID STAYS, a seminar-type short duration class dealing strictly with the proper way to teach and proof great stays GET MORE INFO
    • In addition, we offer our ever-popular LEASH WALKING LAB, which addresses in detail the subject of teaching your dog to walk politely on leash, without your resorting to tight leashes (and arm strain), heeling only, or being dragged down the street.  GET MORE INFO

    Please note that these prices are subject to change without notice. Current rates are always available upon request.

    GROUP CLASSES: We rarely offer group classes. However, we are happy to refer you to a great group class near you when Ruff Customers is not teaching one. Email Ruff Customers or call us at (234) PLAY-RUFF for more information.   Back to Top

    At Ruff Customers, we don’t use fear or pain, we use our brains to train!

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