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paw bullet Pulling on Leash?   paw bullet Barking?    paw bullet Chewing?   paw bullet Growly Behaviors?   paw bullet Jumping Up?   paw bullet Biting?

is New York City’s home for puppy and dog training tailored to your needs.

bullet We train dogs and puppies to have good manners in and out of your home

bullet We handle dogs with aggression toward dogs or toward humans, separation anxiety, and fear issues

bullet We use the most effective and gentle dog training techniques available
bullet Ruff Customers is Veterinarian Recommended by The Home Vet.

bullet Ruff Customers is fully insured.
Meet Some of Our Ruff Customers

bulletCALL US TODAY – (234) 752-9783 for
Training, to keep your pup out of the doghouse! ©
At RUFF CUSTOMERS, problem pups

become solid citizens!

bullet Our trainer, Leigh Sansone, is educated in both the art and science of dog training. Click here to meet Leigh or for her resume.

bullet We offer flexible training options to help busy city dwellers, such as DAY TRAINING, where we train your dog while you’re at work.

bullet We also offer training workshops which focus on one specific behavior, such as RECALL or LEASH WALKING.
Piper Graduates!

Piper Graduates!

Why train with RUFF CUSTOMERS?

bullet We train all breeds, sizes, and shapes of dogs and people.

bullet We specialize in aggression & fear cases.

bullet Training focuses on creating and maintaining a mutually respectful relationship between you and your dog, so Ruff Customers training is effective AND fun for everyone.

bulletWe provide “Training, to keep your pup out of the doghouse!”©

Happy grads!

Happy grads!

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Give us a call at (234) 752-9783 or email us.
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At Ruff Customers, we don’t use fear or pain, we use our brains to train!

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